Friday, 8 April 2016

I like to move it, move it...

Words from a Bird.  Day 99

This week, we have had some very exotic evening meals, courtesy of son number 1 and his ambition to be a housewife for a week. There have been king prawns, chorizo and mussels bought by yours truly for these extravagant dishes, and I have spent more money on food since Monday than I spent for the whole of March.

It's quite disturbing when I see how much food five people can eat in less than a week.  Since Saturday, we have somehow managed to polish off 48 eggs.  Now I don't eat eggs, and I know that the husband hasn't had any over the last week, which leaves an average of 16 eggs per person consumed over 6 days. 

Three loaves have also been eaten.  The husband and I are avoiding the white stuff at the moment, so again, that's one loaf each in a week.

We have drunk 16 pints of milk (OK, hands up, this is mainly down to me and daughter number 2's fanatical tea consumption) and I have made three visits to the greengrocer for fruit since Saturday.

So tonight, I am back in charge of the kitchen as son number 1 is offering his catering skills elsewhere..  There are no fancy meals on my watch, I can tell you.  I tend to plan according to budget, ease and popularity, with a gentle sprinkling of 'can I be bothered?' thrown in for good measure.  

We're having oxtail stew this evening.  Because I have children who may be a little squeamish seeing the tail offcuts in the bowl, I have to decant the meat from the bone before they see it, thus avoiding any questions such as, 'Is that a real tail?'  (It's at this point that visions of Pin the Tail on the Donkey flash before me) or 'Do they just cut off the tail, and let the cow carry on living?' (like a Manx cow?) or even 'Can you do the same thing with a pig's tail?' (You'd need a hell of a lot of pigs' tails for that).

Far too many questions for a Thursday night......
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