Sunday, 3 April 2016

Free fallin'...

Words from a Bird.  Day 94

Last night, we took son number two, his BFF and her cousin out for dinner, celebrating the fact that yet again, I have managed to end the week without killing or losing any of my children (it was a close thing a couple of times this week, but we got through it.  Isn't alcohol marvellous?)

A once sleepy pub close to us has been given a full makeover, and on the recommendation of Mrs H (my beauty therapist who was chatting about it as she was shooting 720volts through my cheek bones earlier this week) I decided a night out was on the cards.  Looking at the menu online, it was limited to food you would probably find in Texas....ribs, burgers, coleslaw, chips, but for a Friday night, I felt it was spot on. 

Unfortunately, the husband had disappeared for an hour to a neighbour's house.  Now these neighbours are loved by us dearly, but the husband can be persuaded very easily into drinking too many beers in very little time when he's there without me.  He finally staggered through the front door about 20 minutes before the table was booked, both eyes working independently of each other, merrily giggling at something which was a complete mystery to the rest of us.

We all piled into the husband's rather tall pick up (think 'double decker bus') and headed down to the pub.  I executed some perfect reversing (no one was more surprised than me, I can tell you) and then got out of the pick up.  It was at this point that I forgot that I wasn't in my Mini and fell out of the door completely.  This was the cue for a very poor impression of Dudley Moore in Arthur...'I fell out the goddamn car etc etc etc.'.

But the meal was great, the children extremely entertaining, and we'll probably go back.  I was a bit shocked that son number 2's BFF knocks back lager IN A PINT GLASS which, of course, you'd never catch me doing as I am a lady, but as she is perfect in every other way, I can forgive her.

So back into the pick up, and homeward bound.   More perfect vehicle placing in the drive, and then I fell out of the door again, onto our drive this time.  On the way down, scrabbling for a handhold, I also managed to blast the very loud horn for a couple of seconds, scaring the pants off anyone in a 20 feet radius.

Not sure the neighbours were too impressed, but I am sure they got back to sleep eventually...
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