Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Where do you go to, my lovely?

Words from a Bird.  Day 62

So here is where you find me....sitting in Waitrose carpark, desperately trying to find enough 2/3/4G to fire up the internet on my mobile.

I have spent the last two hours holding my mobile at various heights and angles around the house with no joy.  I have balanced it on chairs, window sills and the tops of doors, looking for those elusive wavy lines to appear...nothing, absolutely nothing.  So I have grabbed Percy (like he was going to let me go for a drive without riding shotgun) and headed out to Wallingford.

So here I am, pondering life without the web.  I do feel a bit disconnected from you all, and I know that some of you really hate the evening post as opposed to the morning tea read.  However, the thought of sitting in Waitrose car parkwith my pyjamas on at 6.00am is not really working for me!  As it is, I have had four people I know tap on the window and ask me what I'm doing.  Three if these are blog readers, and two of them asked if they could be named....as you know, I never give out names in order to protect the innocent.

I saw what was in your trolley Mrs P....you should be ashamed of yourself...
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