Monday, 14 March 2016

The leader of the pack...

Words from a Bird.  Day 74

Well I am back, having wrestled the keyboard off Percy, who was in the process of typing a 'Room to Let' poster.  To be honest, there are a few other people whose rooms will be let before, I'll let you work out for yourself which one of you would go first.

So the day has been filled with visitors, none of them have come to see the husband and me of course.  Our guests push past us, their eyes levelled at about 7 inches off the floor.  Everyone wants a cuddle of the mini fuzzball, who is quite happy to oblige, giving it his best puppy dog eyes. 

Percy is being very patient with the new addition.  A couple of left hooks have persuaded Reg that hanging off Percy's crown jewels is not the best way to make friends.  Of course, Percy has this technique down to a fine art, and has found it quite successful on a couple of occasions when making new male friends of dubious character. 

All of the children, bar one, have been here today,  They all come here for different reasons. 

Daughter number 1 came for a roast dinner (and the puppy). 

Son number 1 came for washing, ironing, jumper mending and a roast dinner (and the puppy). 

Son number 2 who, although residing at this address, spends half his time at his BFF's house, tipped up for a roast dinner (and the puppy).  He also brought the BFF over for a roast dinner (and the puppy). 

Daughter number 2 turns up tomorrow.  She's not daft.  As the only one here tomorrow afternoon, she'll have Reg all to herself, so no cuddle sharing necessary.  She'll also have to do the clearing up after dinner on her own so it's not all good...

Things are definitely starting to calm down though.  The husband has even started talking about getting another puppy or two.

I am not sure whether he is being serious, but I have squirrelled away Percy's 'Room to Let' poster. 

You never know....
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