Sunday, 6 March 2016

Second hand Rose....

Words from a Bird.  Day 66

I got it in the ear at the family breakfast get together this morning.  My aunt was most miffed by the fact that I had failed to mention that she single-handedly had won Quiz Night on one occasion.  As I said to her, 'Well, if you will insist on hiding your light under a bushel, what can you expect?'  Still, I may have to find some really good things to say about her over the next few days if I want to continue receiving Christmas presents...

So a big day in our house today.  The husband and I set out for an exciting hour at our local pet shop this afternoon.  Our aim was to get all the things we would need when Reg gets here next Saturday.  You would think that we would have everything from when Percy tipped up,  but we haven't.  The reason is that never in a million years could I see us getting another dog, so as Percy outgrew/chewed up/destroyed his collar/lead/toys I simply threw the remains away.  Just as well that I did, as the husband had insisted that as no child of his has ever had hand-me-downs, there was no reason to start now.

It's a bit like hitting Mothercare when you're 7 months' pregnant.  All that lovely gleaming stuff just begging to be bought.  Of course, first time round, you buy everything, convinced that it's all completely vital.  You even get talked into a baby-shaped sponge (the outline looks like something out of CSI) to lay in the bath so the baby can enjoy bath time, leaving you two free hands (one for the glass, and one for the bottle if I remember). 

Second time round is completely different....what you haven't got, you borrow, and what you can't borrow you do without.  This is mainly because with one baby already, you are completely incapable of putting clothes on and going to the shops, so the lack of stuff is not because of a financial limitation, but more down to your desire to remain in your pyjamas for the rest of your days.

While I was packing the new stuff away, I thought about the things we had bought Percy, some of which did the long walk to the local dump, often in the original packaging.  These included large pads to put on the floor for the inevitable accidents (never happened), a dog safety belt for the car (too short) a stair gate (removed when the husband fell through it), a bed (he discovered daughter number 2's bed at a very early age) and a collapsible carrier for the car.  We kept this for vet visits (still never used) and will use this to bring Reg home in next week.

Bet you a fiver he travels home from Bath on my lap........
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