Thursday, 17 March 2016

I should be so lucky...

Words from a Bird.  Day 77

In my house, we have been following the same Wednesday night tradition for over 15 years now.  Let me run it past you...

My dad and his partner turn up for dinner, at around 7.00.  They are never late, except for one occasion when my dad fell asleep in his chair after a particularly arduous game of golf.  By the time he woke up, the dinner I had cooked was long gone. 

They normally turn up with two cans of sugar free, caffeine free coke and two bottles of beer.  It's only been recently that the cokes have actually been in date.  These were left over after a big party in 2012, and it was with a great relief that I opened one a few months ago and it wasn't devoid of bubbles.  The two beers are for the husband (who is still not drinking, so we are stockpiling these in the fridge - hopefully, they'll still be in date by the time he starts drinking again). 

We have a grown up dinner, and then the cards come out for the weekly games of crib.  We have a running total, and at the moment, the girls are three games down.  I have a theory as to why we are doing so badly.  By the time I have finished preparing the meal, and ploughed my way through it, I would normally be seeking out my sofa, not worrying about my 15 2's (this will make no sense whatsoever if you're not a card shark like me). 

So it with a rather dull brain that I approach the deck of cards.  We normally win the first game, but it's all downhill after that as my eyes and cards sit at half mast.  I also think that the husband can see my cards in the reflection in the conservatory windows.  It's the only explanation I can find as to why the men keep winning, week after week.

There is a saying....'Lucky in cards, unlucky in love'.  So this works really well for me as I lose game after game.  At least I am lucky in love.

I am concerned about the husband though... 
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