Friday, 1 April 2016

I feel pretty...

Words from a Bird.  Day 92.

It is with some relief that I finally found time (between the ironing basket, the oven and the puppy) to book myself in for a well earned CACI facial today.

'But you look so young',  I hear you say....  This is what I like to believe you're saying, but I'm sure a lot of you are wondering how bad I would actually look if I didn't go for these facials regularly.

CACI is quite an unusual facial in that it doesn't just involve lotions and potions.  It demands tenacity, commitment and a gentle therapist (thank you Mrs H) as there is ELECTRICITY involved.  I started these just over a year ago, and having had the initial 10 sessions in very quick succession, I am now on maintenance, treating myself to one or two a month.

Unfortunately, life has somewhat got in the way over the last few weeks, so I haven't made it down to the salon.  I feel that my face has dropped so far and fast, that should I have actually found the time for a quick pedicure this last month, the therapist would have been well advised to wear a hard hat.

With so much pressure on us girls to look fabulous as we get older, this is my small nod towards 'doing my best' where my face is concerned.  With regard to the rest of me (that would be the bits covered in clothing which no one else sees) that gets very little attention.  A scrub down with a coarse flannel and a flick round with a disposable razor is the extent to which I'll go.  No one sees it (except the husband, and he has a very high pain threshold and a strong stomach) so why bother?

I do sometimes wonder whether the husband will make a complaint about me under the Trade Descriptions Act, as there are times when my face looks like it's been on this planet about 30 years less than the rest of me.

But he never has.  I have his longsighted vision to thank for this, as anything closer than a meter to him immediately goes into soft focus.

Very useful when you haven't shaved your legs for a fortnight...
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