Red, red wine...

Words from a Bird.  Day 49.

Having been with my mum and her younger half for some days now, you get to see the whole of a relationship, rather than just the odd bit here and there.  I said to my mum this morning that it was lovely to see them together and that it was really obvious to see how much they loved each other.  I also said to her, that the two of them to have a really wonderful life.  'Oh yes', says mother, 'We get along quite nicely, and we are always laughing'.

Now.  I have been in this house for a total of 97 hours.  This can be broken down into the following:

32 hours sleeping
7 hours eating
4 hours walking Percy (would have been 3, but they got lost on today's walk)
8 hours reading papers/books
3 hours housework
8 hours Quiz Shows
10 hours explosive TV/Film action
25 hours wine drinking

You will note the two large numbers in this breakdown.  Basically, my mum and her younger half have been either asleep or trolleyed for over half my stay with them, which might start to explain why a) their life is so wonderful and b) why they are always laughing.  This is one aspect of their life together that I may take home with me when I return to the fold.

Of course, those that know me will be screaming 'But you don't drink!'  Changes may be afoot on this though.  Every evening, as the chimes ring on the clock in the West Wing at 5.00pm, I can guarantee that my mum will shout, 'Glass of wine anyone?'  The first evening (let's face it, it's really still the afternoon) this happened, I looked at my watch, wondering whether I'd heard right, I mean, it was still daylight for goodness sake.  But you know what they say about 'when in Rome' and all that.

So she has me in training for greater things, as I have steadily progressed from a small glass with so little wine in it that the contents had almost evaporated by the time she brought it to the table, to a half glass on Monday, then two glasses last night. 

By the time I leave here, I would imagine that a detour to the Betty Ford Clinic could be on the cards. 

I may also have developed a florid complexion and a slight tremor..


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