Monday, 1 February 2016

Food, glorious food...

Words from a Bird.  Day 32

I must confess that it is with some surprise that I discover I am still going with my resolution to write each day.  Previous resolutions have been nowhere near as successful, and I am now realising that when you pick the right thing to do, it's easy!

The adult-sized children are still rampaging through the house, eating anything that stands still long enough, a trail of crumbs leading to the devastation that my normally tidy kitchen has to endure when they are in residence.  Every single glass in the house has headed upstairs.  Rather than retrieve these and bring them down, the children are getting more and more inventive in what they drink their water from.  Mugs (just about do-able), my Irish Coffee glasses (unforgivable), egg cups (?) and, at the last check, a plastic measuring jug and the cup off their dad's flask.  All in all, they are being very inventive, it's the student life I think.

So the husband and I headed up to Sainsbury this morning to replenish the fridge, the freezer and the food cupboards.  I headed off with the trolley, and as he parked up, I felt a cold chill go up my back.  What was I doing?  I never take him food shopping - on the rare occasion he has talked me into allowing him to come along, he has been the master of distraction, and it hasn't been till we've got to the checkout that I have noticed the items which have been sneaked in.  This usually involves salami (not from the deli counter, just a pack of about six slices), mango (the most labour-intensive of fruit to prepare), a family bag of Haribo (well half a bag, he chomps most of them going round), a cheese selection box, ginger cake and beer.  So you can see why I was worried. 

However, today was different.  Today was good.  Today was almost bloody magnificent....'I'll pay for the shopping this week.  Here's my card', he said, as he wandered off to the coffee shop, leaving me with the list and trolley.

Which explains why I had to bring two of the seven carrier bags into the house without him seeing their contents.  I mean, how could I possibly justify an expensive moisturizer, a pair of boots, three heart shaped candle holders, an artificial flower display and a family size pack of Wagon Wheels (I was lured by the new jammy version).

What goes around comes around, as the old saying goes......

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